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  We have added aloe-vera butter and other skin-loving
oils to make the perfect recipe for after sun skin care.
To Use: Apply to skin as needed. We recommend applying this butter after using our ‘Bath Herbs for After the Sun’
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A completely natural and gentle option for cleansing and
exfoliating your skin. Great for all skin types. These cleansing
grains were inspired during our research into soap usage around
the world.
What we learned is that in some areas, grains are commonly
used to clean the skin. When we discovered an old-age skin care
recipe that included the use of ground chick peas, we knew we had
to try it. After some tweaking and re-formulating, we've come up
with a blend that we're sure you'll enjoy.

To use: Sprinkle about 1 or 2 teaspoons into your hand. Add a
bit of water to make a loose paste. apply to your face and massage
in gentle, circular motion. Rinse immediately or allow to dry into
a mask before rinsing. Follow with your preferred facial moisturizer.
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A Few of Our Products.

  • Bath Herbs for Little Ones
  • Bomb of Sunshine
  • Buffalo Beard OIl
  • Buffalo Rider Soap
  • Butter Cup Body Butter
  • Calendula Salve
  • Cherry Lime Lip Balm
  • Coconut Oil Soap
  • Crackling Cocoa Bomb
  • Cup O Joe Soap
  • Dandelion Hand Salve
  • Fisherman Soap
  • French Pressed Coffee Beans Lip Balm
  • Icy Eucalyptus Mint White
  • Jack Soap
  • Lady Beth Soap
  • Lavander White Soap
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Soap
Bath Herbs for Little Ones1 Bomb of Sunshine2 Buffalo Beard OIl3 Buffalo Rider Soap4 Butter Cup Body Butter5 Calendula Salve6 Cherry Lime Lip Balm7 Coconut Oil Soap8 Crackling Cocoa Bomb9 Cup O Joe Soap10 Dandelion Hand Salve11 Fisherman Soap12 French Pressed Coffee Beans Lip Balm13 Icy Eucalyptus Mint White14 Jack Soap15 Lady Beth Soap16 Lavander White Soap17 Lemon Poppy Seed Soap18

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Milk and Honey with a slice of Cocoa Butter. Soft
skin is just a soak away. Scented with an exotic
blend of sandalwood and tangerine essential oils.

Warning, This is a butter bomb. The added cocoa butter will smother your skin in softness, but could
also make your tub a little slippery. Please use
 caution when exiting the tub, and wipe out any
extra oil once your bath has drained.

Soft lips are just a quick scrub away! A lovely blend
of luxurious oils argan and jojoba are enhanced
further by whipped bison tallow for the softest lips imaginable. Added organic cane sugar acts as a
gentle, sweet exfoliate.
To use, scoop out a small amount and massage into
lips. Wipe the excess away using a clean face cloth. Follow up with our Shea and Tallow Lip Butter for
the softest lips ever.

This soap contains some of the best ingredients for
skin care, and they were all grown right here in Saskatchewan!  The real rock star of this bar is the camelina oil. It’s a skin-loving  oil that is unusually
 high in omega fatty acids and vitamin E. Paired
with Saskatchewan farm raised bison tallow, honey,
and oats, this bar is an example of the amazing
skincare ingredients we are growing right here in our own backyard. And, it smells like Saskatchewan too!

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